About Us

The Rakuto Group ,HOTEL HIRE and RAKUTO TAXI, has been providing distinguished limousine transportation services in Kyoto since 1961. Well known for its white elephant trademark, the Rakuto Group has earned a reputation for its professional and excellent quality of services.

The elephant is believed to be a symbol of good fortune in Asian culture. And as elephants have transported kings and rulers dating back to Alexander the Great, we invite you to travel and tour Kyoto in the luxury, comfort, and safety of one of the Rakuto Group fleet of vehicles each bearing the famous white elephant logo. Kyoto is the most historical and interesting city in Japan attracting more than one million tourists worldwide each year, who experience the city and learn Japanese culture.

We are flexible and able to arrange all kinds of various limo services to meet our customer’s needs. We guarantee your satisfaction and an enjoyable stay in Kyoto.